Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An escape to the paradise of Knuckles Range

Some of my workmates and I have decided to do some frequent traveling, with one another's families. The first trip of the scheme took place on last Sunday.  Our destination was Reversturn, a peak of the Knuckles range. We also spent a litle time in Pitawala Pathana and had a cool and soothing bath in Thelagamu Oya river. The route we took was from Kurunegala to Thalgodapitiya Junction along Dambulla road, tp , Mathale from there, and to Reversturn across Rattota, Then to Pitawala Pathana and Thelagamu Oya. Our trip being a short one didn't stop us from having a good time. The weather was very mild and the wind was ferocious as you see in the videos.   A tiny bit of info in a wildlife sense is on my wildlife blog.


  1. Fantastic photos!
    Guess most of them were taken from Pitawala Pathana and mini world's end?

  2. Amila it is REVERSTURN not REVERSTON.

  3. Hi Kiri,thanks stopping by. Most of the photos were taken on the way to the Reversturn peak. Ninth and tenth from the top were taken from the top of that peak itself. Last picture of the lot was taken at Pitawala Pathana.

    Hi Anonymous, thanks for letting me know,I'm correcting it right away.