Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Time At Lake Bolgoda

I recently visited my old place in Panadura. I did not forget to hang around Lake Bolgoda, a man- made canal from the colonial times. Around lake Bolgoda is a very sensitive wetland echo system with a significant bio diversity.

Here is a villager, a fisher probably, paddling his canoe. This reservoir is abundant in local and introduced fresh water fishes and prawns.   

A glimpse of the flora and fauna about the lake for you.

This is a wooden platform used by people cross the canal. It's operated by a rope suspended on a pull. The passengers just have to pull the rope to keep the platform moving.

This bridge was recently built replacing a similar platform.


  1. One of my favourite place too. I have rowed on this lake many a times :)

  2. Nice seeing you for the first time on my new blog, K.

  3. Beautiful photos!!
    And yes its one of the beautiful places I've visited too