Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wondering In Kurunegala

Kurunegala is where I currently reside.  It's the capital of the North West Of Sri Lanka. It is one of the ancient capitals of the country too. The sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha was once kept there in that far gone time.

This is Ethugala , a rock that gets its name having the shape of an elephant. Situated about the middle of the city, this is the land mark of Kurunegala.

The wewa is one of my two favorite spots in the area.  A wewa is a man made water reservoir with the purpose of storing rain water and distributing to the paddy fields in the dry seasons. These were built more than a thousand years a go. Their technology still marvels today's engineers.


 Paddy and Coconut  are the main crops of Kurunegala. Coconut was grown in big scale, but seems to be fading gradually.

Well, there are so many interesting places in Kurunegala, but even having lived there  for five years, I've not been to many of them. When I do, I'll post about them too. 


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Time At Lake Bolgoda

I recently visited my old place in Panadura. I did not forget to hang around Lake Bolgoda, a man- made canal from the colonial times. Around lake Bolgoda is a very sensitive wetland echo system with a significant bio diversity.

Here is a villager, a fisher probably, paddling his canoe. This reservoir is abundant in local and introduced fresh water fishes and prawns.   

A glimpse of the flora and fauna about the lake for you.

This is a wooden platform used by people cross the canal. It's operated by a rope suspended on a pull. The passengers just have to pull the rope to keep the platform moving.

This bridge was recently built replacing a similar platform.